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Mondli Makhoba plays the patriarch of the Zulu family and the eldest of the brothers, Nkosana.

Mondli Makhoba (born 15 May 1978) is a South African actor. Many know him for his role as Nkosana in the Showmax original telenovela The Wife. He has appeared in many other works, which thrust him further into the limelight.

The actor has performed in many theatre shows in Australia and England. More of his acting credits are roles in local and international productions.

Some of the productions he has featured include Generations The Legacy, Isithwmbiao, and uZalo.

Makhoba reveals on Podcast and Chill that he has accepted his calling to become a Sangoma. He answered the call after seeing things were not working out for him.

Mondli Makhoba
Mondli Makhoba biography
Makhoba is best known for playing King Shaka in Shaka Inkosi YamaKhosi and is among the most respected and loved South African actors
Short Profile
Full name: Mondli Makhoba
Born: 15 May 1978 (age 45 years old)
Nationality: South African
Education: Information Technology
Alma mater: University of South Australia
Occupation: Actor, author
Spouse: Nokuphila Sibiya
Children: 5
Relation: Velile Makhoba
Height: 181 cm
Eyes: Brown
Residence: Johannesburg
Net worth: R600 000

Early Life

Mondli Makhoba was born on 15 May 1978. He studied at the University of South Australia. He holds a degree in information technology.


The actor started to appear in productions in school. He has spent over two decades in the movie and film industry. He faced several challenges which hindered him from furthering his academics.

Makhoba decided to focus on building his talent. He attended auditions, including for a role in the play Shaka Inauguration. He has gone on tour to many locations around the world. The actor came back to the country after six years.

Mondli played the patriarch of the Zulu family and eldest of the brothers, Nkosana, in the award-winning telenovela The Wife. He stars in the show Shaka iLembe and is among the admirers. Many dubbed him The next Wakanda after he showcased his fighting skills in a viral movement drill.

The actor has gained prominence for playing King Shaka in Shaka Inkosi Yama Khosi. He is celebrated and loved in the film and television industry.

Personal Life

Mondli Makhoba and his wife, Nokuphila Sibiya, a motivational speaker and a life coach, have five children. The couple has inspired many lovers of good relationships. They attended ceremonies and notable events together.

The actor and his wife own a clothing brand, Bhut’ Omdala. He has a relation known to the public, Velile Makhoba. He is not her biological father but her uncle.

Makhoba told Podcast and Chill that he had a calling and is still undergoing training to become a sangoma. He chose to accept his calling after things did not work out for him the way he wanted. He is not yet a traditional healer.

Social Profiles

Mondli Makhoba has established his presence on social media. He posts his achievements and accomplishments. He also shares part of his personal life.

Net Worth

Decades of hard work and contribution to the entertainment industry have earned him a fortune. He has bagged many gigs as an actor. Many still speak about his role in the Showmax telenovela The Wife. He has a net worth of R600 000 in August 2023.


Mondli Makhoba movies
Mondli Makhoba’s fighting skills have left fans dreaming of him as the next Wakanda.
  • Easy Money
  • Generations
  • Isithembiso
  • Uzalo
  • Imbewu
  • Grey Matter
  • Casualty
  • Roots
  • The Wife
  • uMahamba Yedwa
  • iPaper Planes
  • iZulu
  • Lindwini
  • HG’s the Cobra
  • eHostela

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