Policies and Standards

Editorial Guidelines

To provide content that complies with the highest editorial standards and further improve the quality of our work.

To meet the public’s needs by presenting on essential biographies. The exactitude of what we write is our top concern at all times.

We share information that is carefully gathered and thoroughly examined.

The History is unbiased and writes content without outside pressure or influence. Users of our site are informed, amused, and educated. 

Use of language

We do not intend for our content to promote discrimination or encourage hatred. We respect each person’s native race, place of origin, disability, and other characteristics.

No one should bully, harass, or intimidate anyone using our content as a foundation.


Our material does not call for or condone damage to others. 

We won’t ever publish material using explicit language.

We will never publish material with explicit language, graphic photographs, or adult-themed text.

Never will our articles encourage sexual behavior for financial gain.

We don’t support information that promotes the abuse of women and children.

Thehistory.co.za will not post any information with malicious malware.

Through our posts, we will always fight against illicit activity. We won’t publish material that violates another person’s legal rights. 


Our content must not violate the copyright, trademark, privacy, or publicity rights of others.

We are considerate of other people’s privacy and personal data.

When crafting a narrative, THE History strives to respect people’s human dignity and maintain a balance with their privacy.

When we incorporate pictures, videos, and other materials they might reach a larger audience via the web or a third party.