Hartklop cast on DStv

Trained theatre sisters helped to film the operating scenes of Hartklop to make them as realistic as possible.

kykNET announces the cast of their first medical procedural series, Hartklop. It premiered on DStv channel 144 on Tuesday, 18 July 2023.

The drama has medical cases in the storylines that are real-life case scenarios. Professional medical and health staff assisted actors in their roles.


The drama occurs in a government training hospital. Viewers will watch what it is to be a doctor and these health professionals’ personal lives.

Hartklop, which means Heartbeat in English, is an Afrikaans-language medical drama television series. It follows medical staff and patients at the Beyers Naudé Academic Hospital, a state hospital in Johannesburg. It is a top training hospital in South Africa.

Every six characters have a different story, but a thing links them together – the Beyers Naudé Academic Hospital. Three of these six lead characters are interns.



  • Simoné Pretorius as Dr. Elani Breytenbach
  • Carla Classen as Dr. Karima Salie
  • Oros Mampofu as Dr. Fezile Nodada
  • Renate Stuurman as Dr. Veronica Pietersen
  • David Louw as Dr. Louw van Onselen
  • Leandie du Randt as Dr. Jolene Joubert
  • Marlee van der Merwe as Dr. Suzanne de Jongh
  • Jacques Bessenger as Dr. Daniel Strydom
  • Dawid Minnaar as Dr. Gustav Coetzee

Featured Guest

  • Christel van den Bergh as Anke Dempsey
  • Christo Davids as Sollie
  • Esmeralda Bihl as Marlene Hendriks
  • Rika Sennett as Magda Strydom
  • Franci Swanepoel as Guest Star
  • Thulani Mtsweni as Sihle
  • Susan Coetzer as Guest Star
  • Elma Postma as Guest Star
  • Francois Jacobs as Guest Star
  • Arno Marais as Guest Star
Hartklop full cast
Hartklop has several other big names in the cast, some are starring while others playing guest roles.

Dr. Elani Breytenbach, played by Simoné Pretorius, is from an affluent home. Her mother is a lawyer who can do anything for her. 

Renate Stuurman plays Dr. Veronica Pietersen, Breytenbach’s medical associate. Marlee van der Merwe portrays Dr. Suzanne de Jongh, a consultant or head of the department.

Dr. Karima Salie, played by Carla Classen, works in emergency and trauma. She wants to let go of her conservative background. She and Elani were roommates at the University of Pretoria.

David Louw plays Dr. Louw van Onselen, the clinical associate. Dr. Daniel Strydom, played by Jacques Bessenger, is the head of the department.

Oros Mampofu plays a young man from the Eastern Cape, Dr. Fezile Nodada. His character wants to be a surgeon but is stuck in-between Western medicine and African traditions. Dr. Jolene Joubert, portrayed by Leandie du Randt, is the clinical associate he works with.

Prof. Gustav Coetzee (Dawid Minnaar) is the consultant of surgery. Christel van den Bergh is Anke Dempsey, a skilled nurse in the emergency unit.


Zoë Laband is the head writer and creator of Hartklop. JP Potgieter produced the series for Quizzical Pictures. 

The executive producers are Harriet Gavshon, Nicola van Niekerk, and Wikus du Toit. Harold Hölscher and Christo Davids are the directors. Original music is by Dawie de Jager.

The producers filmed the hospital scenes at the Solomon Stix Morewa Memorial Hospital and the University of the Witwatersrand.

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