Gloria Arendz mansion

Glamor Gloria Arendz showing off her Swiss home.

Gloria Arendz is a South African businesswoman. She is best known as the wife of the Swiss businessman Rolf Theiler. The couple bought the Enigma House for R99 million in 2015.

The businesswoman appeared in an episode of the Real Housewives van die Wynlande (RHOWL) as the friend of the housewife Amy Kleinhans-Curd.

Full name:Gloria Arendz
Nationality:South African
Spouse:Rolf Theiler (m. 2005)
Siblings:Errol Arendz (brother)
Mansion:Enigma House
Friend:Amy Kleinhans-Curd

Gloria Arendz and her businessman husband, Rolf Theiler, married in Franschhoek in 2005. Their guests included former president FW de Klerk and his wife, Elita.

The couple had a lavish wedding ceremony. Theiler is the former president of the Laureus Foundation Switzerland. They are proud parents of three children – two daughters and a son.

Gloria Arendz Theiler has a brother, Errol Arendz, a local fashion designer and her business partner. She dragged her brother to court for excluding her from the business. He also took decisions behind her back.

The businesswoman wanted to investigate how her brother had conducted the business in her absence. Errol refused to give chartered accountant Nathan Sarembock access to the required records. Gloria lived in Switzerland with her husband.

The siblings started the business in 1977, with Errol being the creative force, and she handled the administration and public relations.

Errol Arendz Fashion Designer cc was incorporated in 1986 and took over the business, so she holds a 35% member’s interest and Errol 65%. She described it as a partnership in the guise of a close corporation.

The 2007 fallout between the siblings and business partners ended in the Western Cape High Court.

Gloria Arendz and Rolf Theiler own one of South Africa’s most costly and luxurious properties, Enigma House. The property comes with a manicured French meadow. The Mansion is well known as a porn-star house that hosts famous parties. Theiler says it was the most magnificent property.

They bought the palatial three-storey home for R99 million. The first price offered was R300 million before its reduction to R179 million.

Gloria and Rolf own properties outside South Africa, including the Chalet Eugenia in the Alpine town of Klosters. They have a villa in the Cape Town suburb of Fresnaye.

Their Camps Bay residence boasts gold-plated doors and a swimming pool tiled with a Versace logo. The couple owns a 2000m² home at Pezula Private Estate in Knysna on the Western Cape Province, another at Gandria on Lake Lugano, and a Chalet Eugenia in Klosters.

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