Former American baseball third baseman married Karin Fulford first before ending up with his current wife, Taylor Higgins, now referred to as Taylor Jones. You can have all the insights about Karin and where she is now after her divorce from popular baseball player Chipper in this article.

Get to know more about the first ex-wife of former American baseball third baseman Chipper Jones in this article.

Who is Karin Fulford?

Karin Fulford, also known as Dr. Karin Luise, is an author, transformational coach, lecturer, and host. Aside from her professional pursuits, she gained notable recognition as the ex-wife of Chipper Jones, a former Major League Baseball star from the United States.

While her marriage with Jones lasted only eight years before its dissolution, Karin Fulford has carved her path in various endeavors. As of early 2023, she has amassed an estimated net worth of around $2 million, primarily derived from her counseling work and contributions to television series. Fulford is recognized for her role as a Life Improvement Blogger and actively engages in fundraising for women’s empowerment.

Born Karin Luise Klebe in Atlanta, Georgia, Fulford’s life includes overcoming hurdles, such as her parents’ separation during her childhood. She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Wesleyan College in 1992 and later pursued a master’s degree in counseling from Argosy University in 2003. In 2008, she obtained a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Practices from Georgia State University.

Karin is of white ethnicity and holds American citizenship. While details about her exact birth date remain undisclosed, her age is estimated to be in her forties based on available information. She has actively participated in humanitarian endeavors, co-founding The Fatherless Daughter Project and engaging in charitable work.

In matters of the heart, Karin is currently romantically involved with Kilian Rief, an American real estate broker affiliated with Atlanta Communities. Before this relationship, she was married to Chipper Jones in 1992, during Jones’s tenure with the Braves’ Class A club in Macon, Georgia. The couple’s union lasted until 2000, and they share a son named Matthew, born in 1997.

Despite the challenges faced in her personal life, Karin Fulford has maintained a positive public image. She worked as a teacher in a middle school and played a significant role in the creation and oversight of the television segment “Karin’s Korner” at Atlanta’s WXIA-TV. Her monthly program, “Break the Rules,” aimed to reform and revolutionize women’s lives.

Karin is an attractive woman known for her slender physique, blonde hair, and brown eyes. She manages a website,, and maintains an active presence on social media, with a significant following on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

What is Karin Fulford’s age, height, and weight?

Details about her age and body measurement remain undisclosed.

What is Karin Fulford’s Nationality and Ethnicity?

Karin Fulford is of white ethnicity and holds American citizenship.

What is Karin Fulford’s profession?

Karin Fulford is an author, transformational coach, lecturer, and host. She is also known for her work in counseling and her involvement in fundraising for women’s empowerment. She has experience as a teacher in a middle school and has contributed to television production, creating and overseeing segments such as “Karin’s Korner” at Atlanta’s WXIA-TV.

How many Children does Karin Fulford have?

Karin has four children now. She shares a son, Mathew Jones with her ex-husband Chipper Jones.

Who is Karin Fulford married to now?

Karin Fulford is currently with Kilian Rief, who is an American real estate broker with Atlanta Communities. Together, they have two boys and a girl.

Why did Karin Fulford divorce Chipper Jones?

Jones had a terrible divorce battle with Karin. Karin decided to dissolve their marriage in 2000 over issues of extramarital affairs.

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