American social media sensation Jacob Day, catapulted into the limelight by sharing an array of lip-sync performances and humorous video clips on TikTok. As his fan base swelled and the momentum of his content surged, Jacob took the initiative to co-establish a collective of TikTok influencers known as The Breezy Boys. After conquering the TikTok realm, he adeptly expanded his influence across diverse platforms, including Instagram, SnapChat, FanFix, and YouTube. His strategic foray into these platforms not only broadened his reach but also solidified his status as a multi-platform influencer.

Early Years and Family

Born on 22 February 2002, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Jacob Day’s early life took a nomadic turn as his parents relocated shortly after his birth. Spending no more than two years in Chicago, Jacob’s primary upbringing unfolded in a small town in Georgia, leaving him with little recollection of his brief stint in the Windy City.

His parents’ separation marked a pivotal moment in Jacob’s childhood. At the age of five, his parents divorced, leading to a shared custody arrangement. While predominantly living with his mother, he spent weekends with his father, navigating the complexities of co-parenting alongside his three siblings. In a candid YouTube video, Jacob opened up about the challenges of growing up with divorced parents. He acknowledged the difficulty but emphasized that it was the only life he knew, given his lack of memories from the first five years.

Despite the circumstances, Jacob Day maintains a wonderful relationship with both his father and mother. He often reflects on the valuable lessons he acquired from each parent. From his father, who embodied a more traditional approach, Jacob imbibed a sense of responsibility and a focus on planning for the future. On the flip side, his mother, with her open-minded perspective, instilled in him the importance of thinking outside the box. This harmonious blend of teachings from both parents has shaped Jacob’s character, contributing to his well-rounded outlook on life.

Passions and Childhood Pursuits

Jacob’s formative years were shaped by a love for sports, outdoor activities, and a deep connection with nature. His affinity for caring for animals, particularly his fondness for lizards and butterflies, became notable aspects of his childhood. Even in his early years, he exhibited a natural inclination for entertaining people, showcasing talents such as memorizing Spanish numbers from 1 to 100. His mother told him that Jacob would approach random ladies in the supermarket and has this fondness for showing off a new skill. Even as a child, he loved entertaining people or making them laugh.

A Challenging Period with His Stepmother

Transitioning to ninth grade, Jacob found himself under the care of his father, who had remarried. In a candid revelation, he described the following three years as challenging, particularly due to a strained relationship with his stepmother. In one of his videos posted on YouTube, Jacob addressed his former stepmother, expressing both hope for her well-being and acknowledging the impact she had on their family dynamics. He said, ‘If you’re watching this I hope you’re doing great but you caused a lot of issues in our family.’ Having said that, he hoped that she recovers from whatever she was going through at that time. Despite the difficulties, he derived valuable lessons from the experience, vowing not to replicate those challenges in his future role as a parent.

Educational Journey and Independence

While specific details about his schooling remain undisclosed, Jacob proudly announced that he’d completed high school and assumed responsibility for funding his college education. Residing in Los Angeles, he hinted at the possibility of pursuing higher education in the city, although he didn’t specify the institution. Whether through online courses or a local university, Jacob demonstrated a commitment to his education and personal growth.

Career – His Rise in Social Media

Jacob Day’s ascent to social media stardom can be traced back to his engaging and trending online videos. A key factor in his success was his involvement in various groups of social media influencers, each establishing channels across different platforms to enhance their collective popularity.

Embarking on TikTok

With a penchant for short video clips, TikTok emerged as the ideal platform for teenagers entering the realm of social media. Jacob strategically focused on this platform, initiating his rise in 2019. His videos, featuring basketball prowess, lively lip-syncing and dancing to diverse music, and comedic sketches, garnered nearly 350 million likes and amassed over 6.6 million followers on his self-titled account.

Contrary to the assumption that his success came effortlessly, Jacob devoted countless hours over two years experimenting with various content types. At one point, he even uploaded 30 videos in a single day. His commitment extended to engaging with his audience, meticulously responding to comments, and building a connection with his followers, a practice that contributed significantly to his social media celebrity status.

Venturing into YouTube

Jacob’s YouTube journey commenced in 2019 with a video on the Omegle app, an online platform for random video chats. Despite an initial period of awkwardness, he showcased his personality to subscribers. However, he took a break from posting on YouTube because he felt that his style didn’t match the loud and outrageous content that was popular on the platform.

In August 2022, Jacob returned to YouTube with newfound confidence, interacting more intimately with his fans through Q&A sessions, life updates, and addressing rumors. While TikTok showcased his shorter content, YouTube provided a more flexible platform for longer videos. Due to a busy schedule, he managed to only upload 20 full-length videos by January 2024, but posted a collection of short clips under the “Shorts” tab as it was more of his specialty.

Although his YouTube subscriber count reached around 150,000 after his return, it paled in comparison to his following on other social platforms. His resurgence on YouTube was fueled by a lucrative deal, as he revealed in a video that the platform significantly boosted his financial standing.

Exploring Instagram

As Jacob pursued a full-time career as a social media influencer, he extended his reach to various platforms. Although he created an Instagram account in 2018, he only began posting in October 2021 while still living in Georgia. Remarkably, he has changed his username only once since then; currently, he’s nearing his goal of reaching a million followers on Instagram. Despite having around 25 regular posts on his profile, fans can find an abundance of video clips in the Reels tab, mainly repurposed from his TikTok videos. His videos continue to garner millions of views, showcasing the unwavering support from his fans.

Using Snapchat

With the username “jacobxday” on his official Snapchat account, Jacob has amassed nearly 900,000 subscribers. Like many young people, Jacob initially gravitated towards Snapchat due to its cool free filters. Even as other platforms gained popularity, Snapchat endured by continuously evolving. Jacob remains active on the platform, regularly sharing content with his followers.

Exclusive Content on FanFix

Amidst growing scrutiny of various social media platforms in recent years, leading to suspensions and banning of accounts, Jacob found himself exploring new platforms. He resisted calls from other content creators to provide exclusive content for his fans, uploaded on certain platforms that condone inappropriate material for minors; it led him to discover FanFix, a platform that avoided such content. Subsequently, Jacob established an account on FanFix, offering fans the opportunity to interact with him for a subscription fee, akin to platforms such as Patreon. His channel has been growing as most Gen Z prefer to use it as they value exclusivity more than accessibility.

Jacob Day’s multifaceted approach across social media platforms illustrates not only his adaptability but also his strategic navigation of diverse content landscapes, contributing to his enduring success in the world of social media.

Collaborations with other Social Media Personalities

After mastering the intricacies of various social media platforms and attaining success, Jacob ventured into collaborations with fellow social media personalities, leveraging these partnerships to expand his audience.

The Breezy Boys LA/Breezy House

In early 2021, Jacob Day teamed up with other TikTok content creators to establish the Breezy Boys LA, a group comprising Kristian Ramey, Ace Ackers, Eddie Preciado, Jackson Dean, and Bryce Parker. While individually successful, their collective efforts garnered an impressive half-billion followers and likes on TikTok, captivating the Gen Z audience with entertaining content. Later, they adopted the name Breezy House to distinguish themselves from other content creators using the Breezy Boys moniker.

In September 2021, the Breezy House made headlines with the launch of Dare Me, a creator economy app on the Koji platform. This innovative app empowered content creators, including Jacob, to earn money through fan-generated challenges and dares. Jacob’s journey had evolved from lip-sync videos to actively contributing to the introduction of a groundbreaking app in the public domain.

The Hype House

Recognizing the collaborative potential for increased views and earnings, content creators began to reside together and brainstorm for new content. Jacob Day and his Breezy House colleagues officially joined The Hype House in June 2022. Founded by social media influencers Thomas Petrou, Daisy Keech, Chase Hudson, and Addison Rae, The Hype House operated from a mansion in Los Angeles, where the majority of their videos were produced. Sponsored by various brands, The Hype House achieved financial success despite facing controversies and changes in its member roster and residence.

However, in January 2023 the Hype House founders faced legal challenges, with their landlord filing a lawsuit citing dereliction of rent payments and property damage. Jacob and his collaborators continued creating content for various social media platforms, navigating the changing landscape of influencer collaborations, and experiencing the highs and lows of the ever-evolving social media scene.

Most Interesting Videos Jacob Uploaded on Social Media

Adept at crafting engaging content that resonates with his audience, Jacob has steadily amassed followers across his social media platforms. Some of his standout videos include:

“I’m Not Who You Think I Am”

In this video, Jacob directly addresses rumors and misconceptions surrounding him. He shares intriguing aspects of his childhood, delving into the challenges of his parents’ divorce and navigating life with a stepmother. The video provides a personal insight into Jacob’s life, revealing that despite having a substantial following, many aspects of his story remain unknown to his audience.

“Day in the Life of a TikToker”

Offering a behind-the-scenes look into Jacob Day’s daily routine as a social media influencer, this video captures his entire day. From his skincare regimen to coffee runs, banter with friends, and even the revelation that he calls his mom every time he drives at night, the video provides a comprehensive snapshot of Jacob’s daily life. He also shares the process of preparing and recording a TikTok video, giving viewers an inside look at the intricacies of his content creation.

“Reacting To Fan Fictions About Me”

Acknowledging the existence of fan fictions circulating online, Jacob decided to address them in a dedicated video. Expressing awareness of the stories accessible on platforms such as Wattpad in which users share original written content, Jacob bravely delves into the fan-created narratives. The video includes his reactions and thoughts on the fan fictions, showcasing a candid and humorous side as he navigates through sometimes unexpected and intense scenarios, such as the surprising content of a fiction entitled “Jacob Day Smut.”

These videos not only showcase Jacob’s ability to connect with his audience but also highlight his willingness to share personal aspects of his life, fostering a sense of authenticity and relatability among his followers.

Personal Life

Since Jacob’s rise to social media stardom, his followers frequently inquired about his dating status. He often responded, much to the delight of his fangirls, that he was single and not dating anyone. Nevertheless, he openly shared anecdotes about meeting girls and his attempts at dating. In a YouTube video, he recounted an incident in which he met someone online, chatted for a while, and met in person a few times. The connection fizzled out when the girl began talking about moving in together permanently and getting married, a proposal that left Jacob clearly horrified.

In January 2024, a significant shift occurred in Jacob’s personal life. He uploaded a video entitled “Unveiling the truth about our relationship Vlog #3,” featuring Sadie McKenna, another social media personality. The purpose of the video was to correct a misleading announcement they’d made a year earlier, claiming to be cousins – in reality, they aren’t related. They clarified that they made this statement to discourage people, especially their followers, from shipping them together. They wanted their relationship to evolve naturally without the pressure of external expectations.

The video also delved into an interesting phase in their relationship. Jacob noticed Sadie on SnapChat while staying at The Hype House. Upon learning that Sadie was in L.A. for the first time, he invited her to a party during which they got to know each other. They interacted on SnapChat for a while, but Jacob inexplicably blocked her on social media, leaving Sadie confused. Jacob, known for blocking people without explanation, admitted it wasn’t the right approach, citing his lack of plans for a serious relationship at the time. Fans, recalling his past mention of blocking when he started liking someone, understood the reasoning.

After Sadie returned to L.A., Jacob, aware of her presence, reached out on social media to meet up. Despite knowing it might have been more logical to decline, Sadie admitted she liked him and agreed. She eventually joined The Hype House, and Jacob humorously remarked, ‘That’s how we met, and we’ve been stuck like glue ever since.’ This revelation marked a turning point in Jacob’s personal life, adding a new dimension to his social media narrative.


Jacob playfully claimed to be 6ft 6ins, or two meters tall, sparking an ongoing debate about his actual height. Despite assertions on entertainment sites that he stands at 5ft 10ins, about 1.75m, Jacob addressed a fan’s comment on one of his videos, asserting that he isn’t 5ft 10ins. Some observers speculated that he might not even reach 6ft 4ins, citing his height difference with the door in his home as evidence.

Jacob’s weight fluctuates between 155lbs to 175lbs, an average of 75kgs, and boasts a well-defined, ripped physique complete with six-pack abs. His distinctive features include blue eyes and brown hair, which he has occasionally dyed black or adorned with vibrant hues. However, he mentioned discontinuing hair coloring to avoid potential hair loss concerns. Jacob’s appearance, coupled with his height banter, adds a playful and relatable dimension to his social media presence.

Net Worth

As of January 2024, Jacob Day’s estimated net worth stands at $1.5 million. Reflecting his financial success, he recently moved into a luxurious apartment in L.A., complete with two notable vehicles gracing his designated parking slots, a Corvette and an Audi R8. It remains unconfirmed whether he’s completed payments for the Audi, as Jacob openly admitted to entering into a car financing contract when he acquired it.

The bulk of Jacob’s earnings are derived from his various social media platforms,  having cultivated a substantial following. Additionally, he disclosed that the houses he resided in previously were all sponsored, underscoring the extent of brand collaborations and partnerships that have contributed to his financial standing. Jacob’s thriving social media career and strategic financial choices have propelled him to a noteworthy net worth, allowing him to enjoy a lavish lifestyle in the bustling city of L.A.

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