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Tshego Manche discovered sartorial prominence in the large metropolis of Johannesburg but grew up in Klerksdorp.

Tshego Manche (born 25 February 1990) is a South African reality TV star, fashion entrepreneur, and content creator. She is best known for appearing on the Showmax reality show – The Mommy Club

Manche is the founder and CEO of La Manche and Motherland Shapewear. She established her sartorial presence in the city of Johannesburg.

Tshego Manche
Tshego Manche biography
Tshego Manche, known as Ms Manche, a businesswoman and one of South Africa top influencers.
Short Profile
Full Name:Tshego Manche
Born:25 February 1990 (age 33 years old)
Place of Birth:Klerksdorp, North West
Nationality:South African
Education:Marketing Management
Spouse:Adewale Adebayo
Occupation:Reality TV star, fashion entrepreneur, content creator
Brands:La Manche, Motherland Shapewear
Reality TV show:The Mummy Club

Early Life

Tshego Manche was born on 25 February 1990 in Klerksdorp, a small town in the North West Province of South Africa, into a business-oriented family. 

Her parents were into business and owned a salon and cosmetic store. They managed the stores for over twenty years before trying out others. Growing up in a business-oriented environment made Manche passionate about entrepreneurship. 


Tshego studied for a BCom degree in Marketing Management. She did not complete her studies after dropping out in her third year.


While studying in the varsity, she worked at a Sandton-based fashion store Pulsate. After working for two weeks, the owner noticed her impact and flew down to meet her regarding the spikes in sales.

Her marketing strategy was unique. She approached people to tell them about the store and interacted with customers. She then learned customer and marketing skills.

Eventually, she fell deeply in love with fashion, and it gave birth to her desire to start her brand. In early 2012, she registered La Manche clothing. She then started putting all she had learned in her past work experience into practice.

After dropping out of school to focus on her business, she started to sell a small scale to friends and family. By 2012, she launched a physical store.

Her mother made remarkable contributions to the growth of her venture. She invested in clothing and packaging and paid for her flights and accommodation to China and Turkey, where she looked for stocks. The growth of the brand became visible.

In 2014, she became an employer of three workers and teamed up with stylists and magazine editors. Her brand gained double sales. The brand hit a million mark in offering local and international clothing the following year.

In 2020, she rebranded and restructured the business to shift its focus online. The Covid-19 pandemic affected had an impact on business but opened her eyes to digitizing the business.

Although viewers have not seen her as a wife and businesswoman on television before, on the show The Mommy Club, they will.

Personal Life

Tshego Manche husband
Tshego Manche and her husband Adewale Adebayo.

Tshego Manche is married to a Nigerian Real Estate agent, Adewale Adebayo, aka B Naira. The couple are proud parents of three children.

Social Media

Having established a strong presence on social media, Manche creates content for her audience. Some of her videos are to promote her brand, while others are to entertain her viewers.

The television personality flaunts her luxurious possessions. She loves flowers, receives them, and shows them. She gives influencers a run for their money. She is on Instagram and TikTok.

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