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Paballo has worked with many top South African brands in cosmetics, fashion, and more.

Paballo Noko (born February 13, 2007) is a South African social media star, personality, and influencer. She is a content creator known for fashion, beauty, hair, and health posts.

The social media personality has expressed undiluted creativity and talents with her content. Though some of her content is sultry, she has garnered more recognition.

Early Life

Paballo Poko
Paballo Poko biography
Paballo Poko started posting pictures of herself on Instagram in 2021.
Personal Information
Full Name:Paballo Noko
Born:February 13, 2007 (age 16 years old)
Place of Birth:South Africa
Nationality:South African
Occupation:Social Media star, influencer
Years Active:2021-date
Boyfriend:Busta 929

Paballo Noko was born on February 13, 2007, in South Africa. She grew up to love social media. She posts about her mother, niece, grandmother, and other family members on her stories.


Paballo Noko made her first post on Instagram on January 30, 2021. Since then, she has continued to publish content centered around herself.

The young star owes her popularity to consistency. She continued to post her creative videos. Some of her videos are also dance videos, which she does alone or with people.

This choreographic content receives much love and engagement from her audience. She continued to build content around what her fans liked.

In 2023, a video she posted on TikTok captioned “Cinderella is that you, hit over 600k views. Her content, activities, and engagements have attracted the remarks of other celebrities. Influencer Thandow remarked on one of her videos on TikTok.

As an influencer, she has worked with many top brands in cosmetics, fashion, and more. She has influenced Indingo designs, Hairlord Exclusive Salon, Channel hair beauty, Her Kulture, Tecy Nails Beauty, and others.

The social media star entertains and inspires followers through her videos and other content. She aims to empower girls to rule the world through fashion.

Social Profile

Paballo Noko pictures
Looking good is one of her priorities. Noko showcases different fashion styles on social media.

With over 397k followers on Instagram, Paballo has established a strong presence. Her reels have an average of 89k views. Her first reel on Instagram hit over 1.5 million views.

Paballo posts content that has not only given her engagements but returning and active followers. Most of her videos are dance videos, while her pictures are hot. She often appears in enticing wears her fans love. Connect with her on:

Personal Life

Paballo Noko is dating Busta 929 since November 2022. Controversial blogger Musa Khawula revealed this. She also loves art and posts drawings of her.

On July 13, 2023, a video about Noko beating Thando trended on Twitter. Thando and Ghost Hlubi had traveled to Limpopo to meet her. When they met, Thando insinuated that Paballo stinks and caught hands for it.

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