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Ntate Stunna started his music career in 2014 with the release of his first single, Mookho.

Thaabe Letsie (born 17 January 1996), known as Ntate Stunna, is a musical artist from Lesotho. He is best known for his singles, which have gained massive airplay.

The Ke thata hitmaker fell in love with Hip hop at a young age. He started his professional musical career in 2014. Nigerian artists like Ice Prince, P-Square, and American artist 50 Cent influenced him.

Ntate joined a Lesotho rap scene, which includes collaborators like Kommanda Obbs and Malome Vector. His debut EP is Sesotho Fashioneng. He has continued to drop new songs since his debut.

Ntate Stunna
Ntate Stunna biography
Ntate Stunna, sometimes known as MegaHertz, raps to raise the profile of Lesotho.
Short Profile
Full name:Thaabe Letsie
Stage name:Ntate Stunna
Born:17 January 1996 (age 27 years old)
Place of birth:Maseru, Lesotho
Education:High school
Occupation:Musical artist
Years active:2014-date
Manager:Barry Matseletsele
Genre:Hip hop/Rap

Early Life

Ntate Stunna was born Thaabe Letsie on 17 January 1996 in Maseru, the capital and largest city of Lesotho. He fell in love with hip-hop before it became fashionable kasi in Lesotho. He and his friend listened to artists like 50 Cent and G-Unit in primary school. 

People preferred house music, which was a better-known genre in the country at that time. Many criticized him for listening to hip hop and called him and his friend Mahippi. He started to write his lyrics in late high school.

The name Stunna came from the fans that loved his way of rapping with Sesotho. The prefix Ntate, meaning father, seemed fitting following his contested reign in this regard. Hence the stage name Ntate Stunna.

Before being confident in his rapping prowess and considering music as sustainable, his stage name was Megahertz. He comes from an average family, but he attended good schools. He wanted to study law or IT after matric.

After his mother experienced financial issues in his matric year, he focused on music. Fortunately, his first single went viral in Lesotho. 


Stunna started his music career in 2014 and released his first single, Mookho. He had been into hip-hop since around 2004. He found his voice and narrative early from his very first single.

Artists like Ice Prince, P Squared, HHP, Mo Molemi, and Kuli Chana inspired him to stick to his voice even while reinventing himself. His first single went viral in Lesotho. 

His debut single went viral, although Stunna did not earn from sales. In Lesotho, they didn’t get royalties from airplay, and pirating music was a known challenge.

To survive in the industry, Stunna came up with a strategy. He started to print T-shirts to go with Mookho. People couldn’t pirate his T-shirts like his songs. The T-shirt made sales.

Ntate Stunna has been employing the strategy for years and has released a fashion line with the Sesotho Fashioning EP. It includes a blanket in partnership with Aranda.

His songs are performing well on several streaming platforms. His single, Ke Thatha, hit over a million views on YouTube. He is doing pretty well as an independent artist.

Ntate has a manager, Barry Matseletsele, who handles all his bookings and PR.

Personal Life

Ntate Stunna hair
Ntate Stunna about to get a hair cut in a saloon.

Ntate Stunna is single. His music and business growth is his priority. He shared a picture of his mother on his birthday in 2021. His godfather, Mokherane Tsatsanyane, has been financially supportive. On November 2021, Lesotho Rapper Ntate Stunna had a car accident on the N8 road.



  • Stimela
  • Basadi Ba Batho
  • Ke Thata
  • Mekaefete
  • Chelete
  • Robari
  • Nka E Koala
  • Ngoano Dese
  • Kea Patlotsa
  • Khang
  • Ntho Tsa Mjolo
  • Jozi State Of Mind
  • Maikutlo Aka
  • Lotto
  • Feeling
  • Sentse Le Shoele
  • Ntoa
  • Make You Proud
  • Re Kao Fela
  • Asambe
  • Ke U Ratile
  • Ho Tla Shoa Motho
  • Kingdom King
  • If I Get the Money
  • Stimela
  • Romeo
  • Keep Pushing
  • Ho Monate
  • 1 November

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