In 1989 came his first novel The Moon Does Not Know, the first book in an autobiographical trilogy which also includes While Time Thinks of Other Things, 1992 (awarded the August Prize) and Streetcar on the Milky Way, 1996, is included. Among his other novels are the depiction of Stockholm in an 18th-century setting Turn your hourglass, 1991, the broad contemporary story inspired by ancient mythology, Angel among shadows, 1993, and the Shakespearean novel What You Want, 1995. With the novels Arcadian Driftwood, 1999, and The Planet of the Black Keys, 2001, Rådström began an as yet unfinished suite of Stockholm novels. Rådström returned to poetry in 2000 with the collection of poems On returning to poetry. In 2004, his remake of Dante’s Divine Comedy was published, a poem in three acts. In 2003, together with the artist Catharina Günther Rådström, he published Absinthe about a blue tit that lived with the family for a summer. In The Guest, 2006, Rådström describes how H C Andersen visits Charles Dickens for five weeks in the summer of 1857. The autobiographical novel A Handful of Rain, 2007, tells of a close childhood friend’s early death on his own and is also a meditation on the essence of suicide and depression. Mozart’s librettist Lorenzo da Ponte’s eventful life is the focus of the historical novel from 2010, The Moon’s Relative. In 2012, Stig., a finely tuned memoir of the artist and author Stig Claesson, Slas, was published. In 2013, Rådström published the large novel The Book, a description that stretches over several thousand years and which reproduces the biblical books from the creation story to the Book of Revelation. In 2016, the novel A Marian Legend was published in which three stories from different continents and eras are woven together. In 2017, Niklas Rådström suffered from leukemia, something he wrote about in the collection of poems Then, when I was a poet, 2019, and in the novel As if nothing has already happened, 2020.

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