“The Wages of Fear,” also known as “Le salaire de la peur” (2024), is action-packed film directed and written by Julien Leclercq.

This updated version of the classic movie puts us in a very intense situation: an explosion is about to happen, and the only way to save the day is for a group of unusual heroes to take on a dangerous mission. They have to go through a dangerous desert with dangerous goods that could explode at any time to avoid disaster. In an exciting race against time, greed, desperation, and the constant fear of destruction come together.

Will they be able to deliver the goods and keep their money safe, or will the hard desert and the secrets they carry catch up with them? When “The Wages of Fear” comes out, get ready to be on the edge of your seat.

Here’s a guide to the cast to help you recognize the actors in the main roles of ‘The Wages of Fear’.

Sofiane Zermani

Sofiane Zermani plays the lead part in this exciting movie. We don’t know much about his character yet, but based on his work in action movies like “No Limit” and “After the Fire,” we think he’ll be a tough guy who has to deal with tough problems in the hard desert.

Apart from acting, he’s also a French rapper with roots in Algeria. People also call him Fianso, which is a twist of his real name. He was born in Saint-Denis, Paris, and grew up in Stains till he was 13, then shifted to Le Blanc-Mesnil.

Sofiane Zermani photo

His first record, Blacklist, came out on his own in 2011. His second album, Blacklist II, came out in 2013. He started making videos called #JeSuisPasséChezSo in 2016 and asked other rappers who weren’t as well known to join in.

Then, in November 2016, Capitol Records, which is part of Universal Music France, signed him. He put out a song with Bakyl called “Ma cité a craqué” in January 2017. It was also called #JeSuisPasséChezSo and got to number two on the French Albums Chart. Around the world, it sold more than 100,000 units, making it Platinum in May 2017.

Alban Lenoir

Well-known French actor Alban Lenoir has now joined the cast. He’s famous for his roles in scary movies like “Hero Corp” and “Erased.” He’s great at playing complicated characters, which fits perfectly with the intense tone of “The Wages of Fear,” even though we don’t know what part he’s playing yet.

After watching “Bloodsport” when he was 9, he chose to become an action movie star. He left home when he was 17 to follow his dream. For his lead role in “French Blood,” he was up for the Lumières Award for Best Male Revelation.

Alban Lenoir photo

He does moves and writes scripts in addition to playing. His work as a stuntman includes “Les Brigades du Tigre” (2006), “Taken” (2008), “Hero Corp” (2008–2010), and “The Princess of Montpensier.”

Ana Girardot

Ana Girardot gives the cast more depth. She’s a great actor who’s done well in shows like “The Returned.” Her performance made the story more interesting. Looking forward to finding out if she’s a love interest, a wise voice, or someone with secrets.

Ana is from a family of artists. Her parents are Hippolyte Girardot and Isabel Otero, and she descended from Antonio Otero and Clotilde Vautier. It’s a pretty impressive family tree!

Ana Girardot photo

Ana went after her acting dreams, even though her dad wasn’t sure at first. Living in New York City for two years to study theater. After playing smaller parts, Ana made a big splash with the lead role in “Lights Out,” which opened at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.

You may know her from “Someone, Somewhere” (2019), “Les Revenants” (The Returned), or “Escobar: Paradise Lost” (2014).

Franck Gastambide

Franck Gastambide, famous for his roles in ‘Taxi 5’ and ‘Pattaya’, is playing an important character in the movie ‘The Wages of Fear’. In the movie, he plays a tough and smart truck driver who is sent on a dangerous mission to drive dangerous roads carrying powerful dynamite.

At age 13, he became interested in training Molossian dogs. His job as a salesman and dog trainer didn’t stop after he got his license. By the age of 20, he had become an expert in dealing with “dangerous breeds”. At the age of 22, he worked as a dog trainer on the set of ‘The Crimson Rivers’.

Later, he became interested in acting because of his connection with Mathieu Kassovitz, who introduced him to filmmakers Kim Chapiron and Romain Gavras. They collaborated on short films and hip hop music videos.

Franck Gastambide image

In addition, Gastambide worked as a dog trainer in a lot of movies, TV movies, and shows. Franck also used his skills as a photographer to help writer Mouloud Achour make movies for MTV.

He made a small TV show in 2009 called Kaïra Shopping that made fun of TV news. They used simple images and worked with a small budget. The artists Franck Gastambide, Medi Sadoun, and Zib Pokti were asked by Ramzi Bedia to make a cameo in his movie Bacon on the Side because it got a lot of attention online. The show on Canal+ was a big hit, so they made three more seasons.

Where to Watch ‘The Wages of Fear’?

The movie “The Wages of Fear” released on Netflix on March 29, 2024. To watch the show, you gotta get a Netflix subscription.

‘The Wages of Fear’ Official Trailer


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