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Sandile ‘Mapaputsi’ Ngwenya (born 11 February) is a South African Kwaito singer and performer. He is a recognized pioneer of Kwaito and is best known for his 2001 album Izinja.

The gifted performer has made a name for himself in Kwaito, a mixture of several styles of music. In his prime, he rose to prominence for the album Izinja (2001). The work earned him the Best Kwaito Artist and Best Kwaito Song at the 2002 Metro FM Awards.

In 2003, Sandile won the Best Kwaito Song and South African Music Award for Best Music Video. He has been in the music space for a long time. He felt that many, including radio stations, have neglected Kwaito.

Mapaputsi biography
Mapaputsi started his professional musical career in 1998.
Short Profile
Full name:Sandile Ngwenya
Stage name:Mapaputsi
Born:11 February
Place of birth:Zola, Soweto
Nationality:South African
Occupation:Singer, performer, businessman
Years active:1998-date

Early Life

Mapaputsi was born Sandile Mapaputsi on 11 February in Zola, Soweto. He grew up with Zola in the same neighborhood. They are like brothers.


In 1998, Mapaputsi started his music career working with artists like TKZee, Chiskop, and Sbu. YFM DJ Khabzela sparked his interest in recording in 2001.

After he met with the D-Rex and Khabzela, they recorded the project and produced Izinja. He won Best Kwaito Artist and Best Kwaito Song at the Metro FM Awards in 2002. 

At the 9th Annual SAMA (South African Music Awards), Mapaputsi won the best music video. His album Kleva took Kwaito to another level. He dropped the project Shooting Star in 2019 and Indoda in 2021.

The artist performed alongside other veteran Kwaito artists to perform at the Strictly Kwaito Legends Festival fundraiser for ailing Kwaito veteran Bonginkosi Dlamini, aka Zola 7. It took place at the Bears Palace and Carolina Resort in Mpumalanga.

Mapaputsi and his woman have joined the poultry business selling chickens and eggs. They want to grow the business, although it is not easy.

The Izinja hitmaker has also worked as a chef at Kalawa Jazmee headquarters in Johannesburg. The artist gives back to educational institutions by donating food parcels and uniforms. 


Mapaputsi fell victim to crime. He fell into shock but recovered after he was close to losing his life. Some men mugged him, stripped him naked, and put him in the boot of a car in Diepkloof Soweto.

They went away with his clothes and other possessions after beating him. They freed him after he mentioned that he was Mapaputsi. He was almost shot dead.



  • Izinja
  • Kleva
  • Kas’lam
  • Lisa
  • Nangu Umapaputsi
  • Embhedeni
  • Kufa
  • Zola West
  • Mapaputsi Best
  • Manga Manga Business
  • Mr Party & Miss Party
  • Indoda
  • Imali
  • Fighter Fighter
  • Sebalahle Istyle
  • Phuka Amaplate
  • Awubheji
  • Izinja Dub
  • Grova Mo
  • Mapaputsi
  • I Really Like It
  • Ghetto Style
  • 26 26
  • Pholas
  • Angelic Wars
  • Izinja · 2006
  • Umngan Wamacala Dub


  • Izinja (2006)
  • Kleva (2006)
  • Still Barking (2009)

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