Glynis Johns Grandson – Glynis Johns was a British actress who appeared in more than 60 films and 30 plays in her 8 decades of career on stage and screen.

Her major works were South Riding, Murder in the Family, Prison Without Bars, On the Night of the Fire, Under Your Hat, The Prime Minister, The Adventures of Tartu, This Man Is Mine, An Ideal Husband, Miranda, Helter Skelter, State Secret, The Blue Lamp, Flesh and Blood, No Highway in the Sky, Encore, The Care, Personal Affair, The Seekers, Mad About men, The Spider’s Web, Lock Up Your Daughters!, and many more.

Glynis Johns won the National Board of Review in 1942, the Laurel Award in 1965, the Tony Award in 1973, and the Drama Desk Award in 1973. 

Glynis Johns passed away at the age of 100 in Los Angeles on 4 January 2023. Her passing news was confirmed by her manager. He described her demise as a sombere day for Hollywood. Her manager describes her as a “light shined very brightly for 100 years”.

Manager Mr Clem said,

“Glynis powered her way through life with intelligence, wit, and a love for performance, affecting millions of lives.”

“Today is a sombre day for Hollywood. Not only do we mourn the passing of our dear Glynis, but we mourn the end of the golden age of Hollywood.”

In this article, you are about to know Glynis Johns Grandson, Great-Grandchildren, Are Mervyn Johns and Glynis Johns related?

Glynis Johns Grandson

Glynis Johns had a grandson named Thomas Forwood who was born on 25 March 1974 in Wimbledon, England, United Kingdom.

Glynis Johns was married four times. She had a son Gareth Forwood with her husband Anthony Forwood. Glynis Johns’ son Gareth Forwood is not alive. Gareth Forwood had a son named Thomas Forwood.

Who is Thomas Forwood? 

Glynis Johns’s grandson Thomas Forwood is a writer and director. He is known for Courts mais GAY: Tome 12 (2006), Le Moment Venu (2006), and Crash of the Century (2005).

Glynis Johns Great-Grandchildren

Glynis Johns had three great-grandchildren who all are the children of Glynis Johns’ grandson Thomas Forwood.

Glynis Johns Great-Grandchildren
Glynis Johns

Are Mervyn Johns and Glynis Johns related?

Yes, Mervyn Johns and Glynis Johns are related. Mervyn Johns was the father of the late Glynis Johns who made he stage debut at 12 and her first film appearance in South Riding. Her father Mervyn was a Welsh-born actor.

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