Star Trek actor Gary Graham passed away on 22 January 2024 from Cardiac arrest at the age of 73 at a hospital in Spokane, Washington. He suffered in his life from heart problems. He is survived by his wife Becky Graham who said, 

“I always say he was my knight in shining armor, and I was his port in the storm. He was loved by many.”

Gary Graham Obituary

Gary Graham Cause of Death, Cardiac Arrest, Obituary, Dead

American actor, musician, and author Gary Graham died on 22 January 2024 from Cardiac arrest at the age of 73 in a Spokane, Washington, Hospital.

Gary Graham Daughter
Gary Graham with his Daughter

He is survived by his wife Becky Graham, his daughter Haley, and sisters Jeannine and Colleen. 

Gary Graham Ex-Wife
Gary Graham with his Ex-Wife Susan

Previously, Gary Graham was married to Susan Lavelle who announced his death with a touching tribute on Facebook concluding the pot by asking for prayers for Gary’s daughter during this difficult time. 

“It is with deep profound sadness to say that Gary Graham, my ex-husband, amazing actor and father of our beautiful only child together, Haylee Graham, has passed away today. We are completely devastated especially our daughter. . . His wife, Becky was by his side.”

“I met Gary when I was just 20 years old and he was one half of the star duo on the tv series, ‘Alien Nation’. But he had already been in movies like ‘All the Right Moves’ with Tom Cruise. Of course, Gary has many more credits.”

“Gary was funny, sarcastic sense of humor but kind, fought for what he believed in, a devout Christian and was so proud of his daughter, Haylee. This was sudden so please pray for our daughter as she navigates through this thing called grief.”

“Fly high into the heavens Gar!. Thank you for our journey and thank you for the gifts you left me in acting, my love of horses and most importantly, our daughter.”

Gary Graham was known for his roles as Detective Matthew Sikes in the TV series Alien Nation and 5 Alien National TV films. He was also known as Soval in the Star Trek franchise. He appeared as Vulcan’s ambassador to Earth in Star Trek: Enterprise.

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