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Cliff read Rage of the Angels by Sidney Sheldon in Form Two and immediately fell in love with criminal law.


Cliff Ombeta (born July 29) is a Kenyan criminal lawyer. He has won many cases and is one of the toughest lawyers. He fights to ensure his client gets due justice.

The lawyer has represented rich people in many controversial cases. He has appeared in court many times to defend high-profile people in Kenya.

Early Life

Cliff Ombeta
Cliff Ombeta biography
Lawyer Cliff Ombeta opposes plea to detain murder suspects in 2021.
Personal Information
Name:Cliff Ombeta
Born:July 29
Alma mater:University of Nairobi
Years active:1995-date
Law firm:Ombeta and Associates Law firm
Net Worth:Kshs 300 million

Cliff Ombeta was born on July 29, in Kenya’s western region. He is a Kisii by tribe and has an uncle in the police. He wanted to be a policeman in his childhood before shifting to law. 


Cliff wouldn’t allow teachers to punish him unless they could back it up with evidence. The management expelled him from Jamhuri High School in Form One because he threw a firecracker at a teacher. He got another expulsion from High Secondary school in Form Two.

At Highway, the teacher found him and his colleagues gambling and decided to punish him. He felt the punishment was too severe and refused to serve it, so they opted to expel him.

Ahmednasir Abdullahi, Ambrose Rachier, and Smokin Wanjala taught him at the Law School of Kenya.


Cliff Ombeta decided to practice law after coming across the book Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon in Form Two. The main character is a Mafia lawyer.

After school, his legal journey started in 1995. He completed his studies and has defended many top personalities involved in many charges. He owns a law firm – Ombeta and Associates Law firm.

Critics have slammed him for representing the cops who murder suspects. They suspected them to have had a hand in the death of a fellow lawyer and two others. 

Cliff says he represents people he believes are innocent. Even if they are not, everyone deserves legal representation. He doesn’t touch cases related to sexual assault and rape cases. 

The lawyer prides in winning the Sh6.4 billion cocaine case, the Akasha bond case, the Professor Arthur Obel murder case, and many more.

Cliff expressed interest in the Bonchari parliamentary seat in the 2022 General Election. The lawyer says he would vie for the position under United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Party, linked to Deputy President William Ruto.

The lawyer has worked with many controversial clients and personalities. Here is a list of some of his clients.

  • The Akasha Brothers
  • Governor Okoth Obado
  • M.P Babu Owino
  • Joe Ndungu
  • Jacque Maribe
  • Assa Nyakundi
  • Cyprian Nyakundi

Net Worth

Kenya has many wealthy lawyers, but Cliff stands out. He has entered, defended, and won many cases. Cliff Ombeta has a net worth of Kshs 300 million.


Talking to Standard Media, Cliff revealed his love for Sh 500 000 suits. He wears expensive and luxurious suits and his cheapest costs around Kshs.170,000.00.

Citizen Digital reported him to appear dramatically in 2019. He dressed in a hat and black sweatpants faced off. He was representing three accused persons charged with the murder of lawyer Willy Kimani.


Apart from donating millions to charity, he loves cars and spends millions there. 

In an interview in 2016, Cliff revealed that he had in his stable several Mercedes cars – E320, an E330, an S-Class 320, and an SLK 200 convertible. He had Toyota cars, such as a Land Cruiser VX and a Prado but sold them.

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