Are you one of the people who are curious about the current rates for car insurance in South Africa? Normally, the cost of Car Insurance in South Africa ranges from a minimum of R150 to over R2000 per month. There are two types of car insurance in South Africa: Third-Party Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance.

What is Third-Party Car Insurance?: Third-party car Insurance offers a basic and more affordable form of cover that covers the damages that you may cause to another vehicle in the event of an accident. The costs for Third-Party Car Insurance are generally between R150 and R500+ monthly.

What is Comprehensive Car Insurance? This is an insurance option that covers your car against accidents, fire, theft, and other insured events, as well as claims from third parties, windscreen, and glass repairs. In South Africa, its cost differs from R800 to more than R2000 monthly, based on the car’s value and other criteria included.

What is the difference between Third-Party Car and Comprehensive Car Insurance?

In short, a third-party insurance policy will only cover the other person’s damages, while comprehensive coverage will cover both yourself and the other person.

  • One comes with the most coverage and the other, the least. This is also reflected in the cost, so expect to pay less for third-party vs fully comp.
  • Comprehensive car insurance also offers better benefits than third parties do.

Insurers won’t pay out in the following circumstances:

  • The car is poorly looked after, unroadworthy, or is used for carrying more weight than it should.
  • The driver drives the car without a license or with an endorsed or invalid one.
  • You were abusing alcohol, drugs, or any substance at the time of the accident.
  • You were using the car to carry fare-paying passengers, for racing or motor trade purposes outside of offering servicing or repairs.
  • Someone else was using your car without your consent, and you did not report it to the police and lay a charge within 48 hours.
  • Your accident took place outside of South Africa or its directly bordering countries.
  • You also won’t be covered if you are held legally liable for someone dying or sustaining an injury while driving with you.
  • Any damage to your possessions and that of your passengers also won’t be covered in that case.

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