Natalia Dyer is most recognized for her part in “Stranger Things,” which makes sense given that she has played Nancy Wheeler since the program premiered in 2016. According to her IMDb page, she has appeared in films such as “Don’t Let Me Go,” “Blue Like Jazz,” “The Greening of Whitney Brown,” and “Velvet Buzzsaw.” She has also played the lead in films such as “I Believe in Unicorns,” “Tuscaloosa,” and “Yes, God, Yes,” in which she portrays a Catholic girl struggling with her sexuality.

Even though Natalia Dyer has been performing for a long time, many people are unaware of some aspects of her personality. Continue reading to discover more about her.

1. As a kid, she had many health problems bothering her

Natalia Dyer was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. She suffered from asthma and other health issues when she was little. In an interview with Clash, she said that she used to have pneumonia every year and missed a lot of school because of it. “I was often sick,” she said. Because she had to remain at home so much, she learnt to occupy herself. “I got good at keeping myself busy and playing games in my own world,” she went on to say.

Her early education aided her subsequent career as an actress. “As you grow up, you usually stop playing so much, but acting lets me keep doing that,” she told Clash at the time. “We’re all just playing pretend, really. “It is all about having fun and being creative.”

Despite growing up in Nashville, Dyer was not particularly interested in country music, which is synonymous with the city. “People think of Nashville as the music city, but that’s not how I see it,” she said to The Hollywood Reporter. Aside from a few years of piano training, she mostly concentrated on acting.

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2. A sprained ankle prompted Natalia Dyer to pursue acting

According to an article in Clash, Natalia Dyer was a timid and introverted youngster who enjoyed learning. Initially, acting wasn’t something she thought about much.

Her life changed when she attended a sports camp one summer, despite her reservations. She injured her ankle on the first day, so they sent her to a theater camp. Surprisingly, her leg recovered there. In an interview with InStyle, she said, “I sprained my ankle, like, the first day, so they put me in the drama camp where my leg made a remarkable improvement.” Dyer had a great time at theater camp and subsequently joined an acting group. It was then that she discovered her passion and skill for acting. A director recommended Dyer apply for the character of Scout in a local theater production of “To Kill A Mockingbird,” and she was cast. She told Cosmopolitan UK that “from there, I fell in love with it.” She thanked her mother for transporting her to practices and auditions.

Dyer’s profile on About the Artists states that she appeared in Nashville productions of “The Sound of Music,” “A Christmas Carol,” “Gypsy,” and “Titanic.”

3. Her first major acting part was with Hannah Montana

Natalia Dyer began acting in the 2009 film “Hannah Montana: The Movie,” which is based on the famous Disney Channel series. She portrayed one of two British admirers that go crazy when they encounter Miley Cyrus’ character Hannah Montana. Dyer’s role was modest, lasting about a minute on television, but it was significant for her.

She resided in Nashville at the time, where few major films were produced. So when she received the opportunity to appear in this film, it became the talk of the town. She landed the part of a British girl without needing to be British herself, and they chose her straight out of Nashville.

Dyer knew her British accent wasn’t flawless, but she was grateful for the chance. She views it as the beginning of her acting career. She described it as a really significant event for her. Being in the movie also allowed her to walk the red carpet for the first time. She dressed herself for the occasion, and she joked that it was rather evident.

4. Her story mirrors Nancy’s development in Stranger Things

Throughout the seasons of “Stranger Things,” fans have seen Nancy Wheeler’s growing confidence and expertise in combating terrifying monsters from the Upside Down. Nancy was more concerned with her appearance, education, and her ability to succeed in her tiny town at the start of the episode. According to Dyer, who portrays Nancy, she was always ambitious, but her beliefs about achievement have evolved significantly. She’s embracing her courageous and strong side.

Dyer believes that Nancy’s journey as a monster hunter mirrors her own journey as an actor, where she’s gained more confidence. In a 2019 interview, Dyer talked about how Nancy’s journey reflects the experience of many women finding their voice and identity in the world. She feels a connection to Nancy’s journey of self-discovery.

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5. Natalia Dyer’s net worth is outstanding for her age

Natalia Dyer has been acting professionally for almost 10 years and will be 27 in January 2022. She has managed to save around $4 million, mostly from her earnings from “Stranger Things.” Her compensation for the program apparently began at $100,000 per episode and might have increased to $250,000 per episode by the third season, however these figures have not been verified.

Even after “Stranger Things,” Dyer is anticipated to perform well in Hollywood. But she’s not only want the money. She wants to work on fascinating projects and tell tales that she is passionate about. In an interview with Teen Vogue, she said, “I’m really interested in playing cool characters and telling cool stories, just being a part of that in any capacity.” Her ambition is to earn a livelihood doing what she enjoys.

6. She struggled with her stardom

Natalia Dyer went from being a typical college student to being a global celebrity as a result of the enormous popularity of “Stranger Things.” She characterized the transition as going from zero to sixty in no time. In an interview with Teen Vogue, she said that stardom in the entertainment industry might seem like a game, and she is careful about it. She likes to find out what is actually important to her before delving into it.

Natalia also noted that she avoids spending too much time on social media since it drains her energy. She doesn’t post often since it’s not her style, particularly since she’s an introvert. She sometimes takes significant intervals between Instagram posts.

However, she realized the importance of using her platform during the events of 2020, especially with the Black Lives Matter movement gaining momentum. She felt compelled to speak up both online and offline, attending protests to show her support.

7. Natalia Dyer received support from fans on TikTok after facing bullying

Natalia Dyer may not be comfortable with her celebrity status, but her followers constantly back her. That became clear in the summer of 2022, when a TikTok creator called Miranda Wilson, who has a large following, offered some advise to Natalia, who stars in “Stranger Things.” Wilson advised in her video (which is no longer accessible on TikTok but can be watched on Twitter) that Natalia have injections in her chin and undergo a treatment to make her face seem thinner.

When Wilson received unfavorable feedback from Natalia’s followers, she recorded another video to apologize for what she had said before. “I didn’t want to upset anyone, including Natalia,” Wilson said, explaining in the caption, “I was just giving an example with her photo.” Despite Wilson’s desire to make amends, her apologetic video did not seem to be effective since she said, “I was just suggesting, not saying she has to do it, just showing what could be done.”

Natalia, as you might expect, decided not to get involved in the argument at all, and she hasn’t said anything about it publicly.

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8. Natalia Dyer dreams of being a hero in action movies

When “Stranger Things” ends and the actors move on to new projects, what’s next for Natalia Dyer? “I’m all set for an action movie, like something Tom Cruise does, because that would be so much fun,” she said in 2020.

Dyer hopes to take on parts that will push her, even if they make her uncomfortable. “I’m waiting for something that really excites me,” she explained. “I’d love to do a really funny movie or an action-packed one, just because it sounds enjoyable.” These roles would be quite different from the “coming-of-age” genre she’s known for. She also dreams of returning to her roots in live theatre, maybe even performing in a Broadway play. “I really enjoyed being on stage,” she said.

No matter what she does next, Dyer insists on being part of projects that embrace diversity. She looks for scripts that include representation. She seeks for scripts with representation. “If it’s the same old story told by the same kind of people, why should we tell it again?” she said.

9. She’s ready to act in a spinoff of Stranger Things

Matthew and Ross Duffer, the brothers who created “Stranger Things,” surprised viewers in February 2022 when they announced that the fifth season would be the last one. But they also hinted that there might be another show related to “Stranger Things” coming. They said, “There are still many more exciting stories to tell within the world of Stranger Things; new mysteries, new adventures, new unexpected heroes.”

A bit later, the Duffers revealed that a new “Stranger Things” series was in the works. They revealed this information during a discussion on the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast. They said the new show would be very different from the original one. It wouldn’t center on the same people since their tales had already been told. Ross went on to say, “The most important connection is the way we tell the stories.”

If Netflix decides to make a show about Nancy Wheeler, Natalia Dyer, who plays her, is interested in being part of it again.

She said, “I wouldn’t say no, if the [Duffer] brothers were involved.” She even shared her own quick idea for the show, saying, “I’ve always imagined Nancy becoming a detective, a cool spy, hunting secret monsters…” In a video chat with the same magazine, Dyer asked an important question about “Stranger Things” — “What’s next after that?”


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