“We Were the Lucky Ones” tells the true, hard story of a Jewish family in Poland during World War II, when Germany struck. Families are split up when the war starts. Others stay in Poland to avoid being caught by the Nazis and sent to horrible jail camps. The Hulu show follows the family’s struggles and triumphs over nine years and four different world regions. In this long story, families are shown to be strong in hard times and terrible things that happened in the Holocaust are highlighted. If you liked this show, enjoy these seven others that are all about having the strength and hope to get through hard times.

1. 1883 (2021-2022)

‘1883’ was written by Taylor Sheridan and is about the hard trip of the Dutton family. They hope that life will get better in Montana after leaving Texas. The family leader, James Dutton, and his wife Margaret show the way. As they go across the wild American land, they run into many tough scenarios.

1883 (2021)
Tim McGraw and Audie Rick in 1883 (2021)

They have to deal with rough terrain, bad weather, animal attacks, thieves, other residents, and Native Americans. Even with all of these issues, the Duttons keep going because they hope for a better tomorrow. A lot like “We Were the Lucky Ones,” “1883” is about a family that sticks together when things get tough.

2. Atlantic Crossing (2020)

‘Atlantic Crossing,’ which was written by Alexander Eik, is based on real events that happened during World War II that a lot of people may not know about. The show takes place during a rough time in history and follows Crown Princess Martha of Norway and her children as they flee to the United States to be safe.

Atlantic Crossing (2020)
Kyle MacLachlan and Sofia Helin in Atlantic Crossing (2020)

President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Martha meet when she gets there, and they become good friends. While the Nazis take over Norway, Martha works hard to get President Roosevelt and the people of the United States to help her country. Viewers will see Martha deal with her own feelings and the tough choices President Roosevelt has to make throughout the series. Fans of “We Were the Lucky Ones” will enjoy this story about being strong, brave, and in charge during a tough time.

3. World on Fire (2019-2023)

“World on Fire” was made by Peter Bowker for the BBC. It looks at World War II through the eyes of different people. During the war, the show follows people from a range of places and walks of life. English, Poland, Germany, France, and the US all get it. Like “We Were the Lucky Ones,” it shows how the war affected both soldiers and normal people.

World on Fire (2019-2023)
Eric Kole and Parker Sawyers in Episode #2.3 of ‘World on Fire’ (2019-2023)

4. Anne Frank: The Whole Story (2001)

Under the direction of Robert Dornhelm, “Anne Frank: The Whole Story” is based on the true story of Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl who hid from the Nazis during World War II with her family. Anne Frank’s life in hiding in Amsterdam is shown in the series based on Melissa Müller’s book “Anne Frank: The Biography.”

Anne Frank: The Whole Story (2001)
Hannah Taylor Gordon in Anne Frank: The Whole Story (2001)

The story shows how Anne felt, what she thought, and how hard it was for her to hide from the Nazis. If stories like “We Were the Lucky Ones,” about people who hid from the Nazis and had to deal with their cruelty toward Jews, moved you, Anne Frank’s story will move you even more.

5. War and Remembrance (1988-1989)

“War and Remembrance,” which is directed by Dan Curtis, tells the exciting story of “The Winds of War” and brings Victor Henry back. He is given charge of a ship, but his wife is having trouble. His son Byron also gets promoted in the Navy, but he has trouble because the Germans catch his wife and son for being Jewish. As America joins the war, the show follows different people. Like “We Were the Lucky Ones,” “War and Remembrance” is about a big family during WWII and how the war changes their lives. The story takes place over many years and the people change a lot.

War and Remembrance (1988)
Sharon Stone, Hart Bochner, Barry Bostwick, and Michael Woods in War and Remembrance (1988)

6. The Winds of War (1983)

“The Winds of War,” an immense story set during World War II, was skillfully written by Dan Curtis. The story is mostly about the Henry family, especially Victor Henry, who is a navy officer. Victor’s tasks take him to places like Washington, D.C., and Europe, which helps us understand the war as a whole.

The Winds of War (1983)
Robert Mitchum, David Dukes, and Charles Lane in The Winds of War (1983)

There are personal stories in the family, like affairs and fights. This show, like “We Were the Lucky Ones,” follows a family during the war. Based on Herman Wouk’s 1978 book of the same name, “The Winds of War” also shows big war events in great depth and has interesting personalities.

7. Holocaust (1978)

The famous play “Holocaust” by Gerald Green is a historical drama that tells the story of the Holocaust from the beginning, when the Nazis started the war in 1935, to the terrible things that happened in the main concentration camps. We get to know six key people through the story, which shows us what it was like to see scary things while the Nazis were in charge. Check out this show if you want to learn more about the horrible events of the Holocaust, like in “We Were the Lucky Ones.” Excellent acting, top-notch production values, and a very scary plot.

Holocaust (1978)
Holocaust (1978)


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