Together, Nigerian singers, 1da Banton and Bella Shmurda, release two brand-new singles, “Holy Man”  and “Evidence.”

The calm, mid-tempo song created by the German trio 255, brightens up any ordinary day. It’s a carefree anthem that exudes success-oriented confidence. 1da Banton and Bella Shmurda establish their dominance right away in the first few lines, “And evidence choke, evidence choke and the boys dem know, boy dems know.”

The song honors their meritorious successes and the opulent lifestyle they have attained. The song “Evidence” nicely portrays the sense of traveling down the coast with the windows down and experiencing all of that success.

However, “Holy Man,” which was produced by Michael Brun, a Haitian musical producer, adopts a somewhat different strategy. 1da Banton and Bella Shmurda acknowledge that no man is flawless while having fun in this scene. They’re just average guys living nice lives. You will find yourself moving due to the catchy beat and jovial lyrics that create an appealing vibe.

Both songs effectively demonstrate the value of teamwork. Bella Shmurda and 1da Banton are a wonderful match. Their individual voices combine to create two wonderful, new sounds. It’s a welcome change of pace in an environment where crowd vocals and wood drums have taken center stage in recent years.

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